This is one of the first companies that I worked with to create a whole corporate identity and corporate branding from scratch. Calypso Brand Juices is a company that supplies a variety of ready to serve juices to hospitals, schools and air lines across the country. From 4oz ready to serve portion cups to packaged concentrate juices for juice machines. They were looking for a fun kinda theme to set them apart from the rest of the industry and to give them instant recognition just by seeing the label. I think I pulled it off?
Calypso Bay Juices
Calypso Bay Magnet
Calypso Fyler
Calypso Bay Brochure outside
Calypso Bay Brochure inside
Calypso Bay 4 pak Cranberry
Calypso Bay 4 pak Fruit Punch
Calypso Bay 46oz Lab Grape
Calypso Bay 46oz Label
Calypso Bay Biz Cards
Orange Lid
Apple Lid
Cranberry Lid
Grape Lid
Prune Lid
Medical Lids
Calypso Bay Dispenser Magnets
Calypso Bay Box Labels
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